Current News / Upcoming Events:
(last updated 10/23/16)

Pastor Joyce Orcutt will be the speaker at our service
this Sunday, October 30, at 10:30 a.m.

Enjoy an inspirational presentation, uplifting hymns, healing, and receive a personal reading.

Service will be followed by a Potluck and a Drum Circle

You're encouraged to bring a dish to share in the potluck, and to
Bring a drum, a rattle or a noisemaker to bring your energy into the holday spirit.
If you don't have a drum or a rattle, we have some you can use;
just bring your wonderful energy to the circle. ALL ARE WELCOME!
Suggested Donation $10

The Mediumship Development circles with Verline Eldridge will be on hold temporarily
We expect the circles will begin again sometime in October.
Please watch this space for further updates.

The Spiritualism Q&A circle with Renee Provost will be on hold temporarily
We expect Renee's circle to begin again in another month.
Please watch this space for further updates.

Our calendar has been updated for all of 2016 with a list of upcoming speakers and events currently known.
Please note the "last updated" date on the calendar page, as information occasionally changes.

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"As the sunflower turns its face towards the light, so spiritualism turns the face of humanity towards the light of truth"

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