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What would we do without the God of our understanding and our Spirit friends and guides.......?

I for one would never want to live this earth plane life with out them.........
What a joy, what a comfort, what a blessing to know for sure that we are never ever alone and that when we are in need or are in question they will gladly help us with strength, courage, answers... and ever present unconditional love.

As we are gifted with such sacred knowing and sharing, let us share this knowing and happening with all who are hungering to hear it. Does that mean to teach and preach? Yes. Does this mean we know it all? No. It means that as we needed and were so humbly grateful to receive, then let us share with others who cross our paths in need. They too are reaching for insight and answers.......... Let us, as we help ourselves, help each other............ in the areas of what we need the most, to gladly give to ears that listen or long to hear, to eyes that see and to hearts that cry. why?
So that we may all find what we hunger for together..........

This wonderful Religion, Philosophy and Science of Spiritualism is an awesome trip of reaching, asking and receiving a higher level of life and living and understanding, and thru sharing, we all grow and receive together. Most amazingly of doesn't cost a dime. We just need to reach and we automatically receive. Just one reminder, as we reach, please always remember to reach for the Highest only and you will bask in the Light of love,growth,freedom and knowing,peace and a new sense of well being.. thus your life will never ever be the same. using the simple tools of the golden rule in such a way, it isn't just saying words, but acting accordingly in mind, thoughts and kindly action, thus walking in true peace and joy.

As you learn and grow to truly walk as ONE with the God of your understanding, With Spirit Guides, Angel friends, with the light of each other, seeking the highest and best for self and others, allowing self to be a sincere instrument of caring, your life cannot help but be better and better and better.

Dear Ones, May you receive all that you hunger for in all ways...
Remembering and learning that there are many times we do not receive what we want
but we ALWAYS receive what we need.....
. when we need it the most.

Love and Many Blessings ALLl
Pastor Joyce Orcutt

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