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A message for February 2008

This life is not easy, but when we open the door to the gets better and better.

Dear Ones,

I am grateful February is almost over. Have we learned and grown from any lesson opportunities that have presented themselves for us this month?

This life is not easy, but we have great door openers to a higher understanding if we choose to take them.
Door openers for what? Patience, understanding, opportunities to help others. To be of service to each other. Opportunities to bring/allow ourself to step up to the next level of love. Understanding for ourselves, understanding as to what this life is really, truly about. Further understanding as to what we are doing here on this earth plane.

Were you an Angel helper this month? If someone had a difficult time in any area, did you extend a hand? Did you share a thought? Did you block the time to listen to someone? Did you also block some time for SELF?

Our own lives are so full during these times and we hear that we should do for ourselves..........this is confusing at times, isn't it?

How do we do for yourselves and yet be a helper for others?

When we sit back and detach from self and open the door to the highest, when we open the door to listen, we do hear. Always. We are reminded that we are all here for a purpose, that's for sure.

Is that primary purpose To grow spiritually.........?

February is a month of love......A month of reminders in so many ways, to love each other, be kind to each other, ...and.have patience with each other. If the part of self comes up that is nit-picking, critical, or judgmental of others......can we or will we step back and take a good look in the mirror and see with clear eyes ourselve's first?
What do we do we see? Then how do we react... Do we make the changes in OUR life to come to that higher level of love or do we choose to stay in the same old darkness and wonder why we are not happy? Do you spend time blaming others for where we are and what is happening, or do we brighten the corner where we are, thus brightening our own life which will have a rippling effect on brightening the life of others........just by being a light of unconditional love.
Love lifts us up...Love heals.....Love Love Love........where there is love there is no darkness. Where there is love, there is understanding, patience, compassion, sincerity, Love allows mistakes of self and others to once again remember, each moment is a time for love renewal. Love yourself........and bask in the Love around you that is ever constant and ever an opportunity to rise and allow self to be a true instrument of healing light for everyone but especially for self.

One question.........Does this make sense to you?

Aand one last February reminder........Let the light of love touch you , fill you and send it out to everyone, everywhere and to this world.

Let every month share the awareness of February's Valentine Day and the energy connections of love's peace.

Love Light and many Blessings to you all. Pastor Joyce


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