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A message for March 2008

March, the memorial month, when we, as NSAC Spiritualists celebrate the Anniversary of Modern Spiritualism and recall the story of the Fox Sisters and their experience in Hydesville, NY on March 31 of 1848. That was the day two children gave proof of their Spirit connection and experience. The word soon spread throughout the lands in whispers, shouts and in capitol print, the experiences of two young sisters, their family and the “Peddler” who shared quite a story about their “rapping’s” communication. These Peddler rapping’s and two little girls opened the doors forever more to what is now known as Modern Spiritualism, thus “bringing out of the closet” awareness of Spirit communication and that, as the saying goes…”There is no death, there are no dead”

March...not only the birth month of Modern Spiritulaism...but also, the month of meaningful breezes... surprise weather days... a month of change.

Our life is continually full of changes, isn’t it? Some we care for; some we don’t. Then we remember that thru change come new learning, new lessons, new emotions, new challenges, and thus, new growth. Soon spring weather will be here with its gifts and choices. And it goes on and on, doesn’t it? Just as life does. Sometime we are here on the earth plane and sometime we are on the other side. Either way the choices continue.

We are so fortunate to be able to refer to the teacher helpers of the highest. We can list so very many. To me, one of the greatest healers, mediums, teachers of all time was a man called Jesus. I often think of how remarkable it is that what he so unselfishly shared, lived and taught, is still written in whole or in part, and used by most every one every day in some way regardless of religious choice. But then what is taught in truth never changes, does it? I remember, many years ago, opening a Sacred Text book called the Bible and under Matthew Chapter 6 and 7 I found so many answers and seeds of thought, and these answers allowed one to focus and think on what was written and in time became a proof of truth that never changed, and was a philosophy that continued to just make so much sense when one analyzed it.

Thru time I recognized more and more the truth of Spiritualism and its great message thru the teaching of the great Master Teacher Jesus. I understood that to me those teachings were keys that opened so many doors to peace, contentment, truth, sincerity, and kept it simple.

Throughout the first years of my involvement with Spiritualists, numerous seekers came and asked me what this Spiritualism religion was about.……..I tried to keep it simple and to the point with a condensed answer, an explanation that would help to keep those doors open to this wonderful Religion and Philosophy. As always a thought came with a description I felt totally content with, and appeared to also content the questioner to continue their search.

“To me, if you took all of Jesus teachings and did away with the man made areas, you would have true Spiritualism”

This I share with you today because during this time of Easter, I always think of the man called Jesus who after the crucifixion, so called died and came back again to continue spreading the word and the ways of love and compassion. Was this reappearance not proof beyond a shadow of a doubt of the continuity of life? WE are oh so blessed to be able to know about such things… we are so blessed to have had such great teachers as we have had in the past such as Andrew Jackson Davis, Sweedenborg, Hull, Becker, to name a few, and I might add the great teachers we have in this present day.

At our fingertips is this truthful path finding Religion of Spiritualism. In its teaching comes the simple truths and proofs of all that we cannot always see with our physical eyes. Spiritualism is a Science, Philosophy and Religion that I am so honored to be part of… Remember…To seek and find all we need do is … ”Ask, and you will receive, Knock and the door will open, Seek, and you will find….”

Many Blessings to you and yours.

Pastor Joyce Orcutt


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